At the end of 2014 Yonex propelled a redid Voltric 70, to be specific the Voltric 70 E-Tune. It’s been met with blended audits from a contrivance to a disclosure, denoting a stage forward in racket advancement. Check out the review over at

The fundamental discourse encompasses the new weighted grommets around T 3-4 and 10-11 1-3 positions. The player has the decision of trading the throat grommets for heavier renditions or to cut on weighted strips towards the highest point of the racket head.

This isn’t another thought yet not surprisingly, Yonex have obtained the thought and refined it. The framework exhibits various weighting alternatives to redo the racket for the player. In this audit I have tried one rendition which is the first spec.

I’ve as of now re-hung a couple VT70 E-tunes and was requested that embed new grommets to build the weight. There are three shades of grommets, dark which are on the standard variant, orange or purple. The throat grommets are anything but difficult to supplant. It’s a straightforward pop out, pop in system. The strip is a little trickier adjusting the two arrangements of coordinated “pins” into open gaps on the first grommet strip as opposed to supplant the first grommet strip totally. The string will guarantee the extra strip stays set up. The main issue for me is that the string sits glad and is uncovered, which thusly could bring about more breakage through scratching on the floor when flicking up transports.

The remaining grommets are likewise distinctive with more massive heads and sitting higher instead of compliment on past models. I additionally saw the rough parts of the head appeared to be prouder and bulkier contrasted with the less observable smoother lines of the first. By and large this is an alternate racket and not the first with a grommet update.

VT70 E-Tune is a medium flex, head overwhelming racket. This model is dominatingly white with dark/orange decals and touched base with standard Yonex spread. It’s a 4U (weight 80-84.9g) G4 model (standard grasp size). The racket has BG65Ti string which has dependably been a most loved of mine and feels generally tight. As common the stencil ink chipped off after just a couple of minutes of play which is not amazing for a racket evaluated in this extent. It’s turning into a pet contempt of mine and is so disillusioning considering Yonex legacy.

It’s Hitting Time

The beginning feel is fundamentally the same to the first despite the fact that I would sincerely have preferred it there to show signs of improvement examination. As dependably I test with Mark to get a second and most esteemed conclusion.

The racket has a decent recognizable Voltric feel which is difficult to beat in the event that you like head overwhelming rackets. With this being a lighter model it would be fascinating whether it weaklings out a little or still demonstrates to it metal.

Subsequent to hitting various clears I was at first shocked the flex in the pole. I anticipated that this would play stiffer but then I could have sworn this adaptation played more adaptable. Clears were spotless and I appreciated the vibe of the head, which is my standard inclination. I wasn’t hoping to feel the vibration which this specimen unmistakably had. Imprint said it as well, with no talk on the subject, which was a bit concerning. The racket still swings and plays well, making stipend for lower strain. Considering the heaviness of the hued grommets, I can’t see this having an enormous effect in the vibe of the shot and had no expectation of restringing this racket a few times to figure out.

Drops were great, strong and exact not surprisingly. I haven’t distinguished any delay the casing however there once more, I’m utilized to this weight and spec of racket.

The crush was really great as well, exact and predictable. I’m not a major hitter, that is Mark’s part despite the fact that he wasn’t hitting as hard as I probably am aware he can notwithstanding considering the string. On the other hand, I could feel the flex in the pole and perhaps this had something to do with it.

Level drives were somewhat more troublesome. More focus is required and you have to work the racket hard. Being reasonable, I anticipated that the racket would perform better here, particularly as it’s a 4U form.

Perusers of my audits will know I incline toward head overwhelming rackets. They require significantly more work in guard to give back the bus well. VT70 E-Tune is moderately quick and took care of squares exceptionally well, with that weight in the head that gives such extraordinary touch and feel. Drives and lifts were harder to accomplish requiring great strategy, solid lower arms and wrists. I expected better from this racket in perspective of the weight.

Around the net the racket is sensibly speedy albeit lacking contrasted with Thruster 9000 and the first VT70 from memory. Regardless it handles well however great arrangement is crucial. Net shots were fine however it’s the speedier trades where I needed to push harder when I would have favored more speed.

Written by Debra

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